Tracy is a registered midwife with extensive experience working in Irish maternity services and as an international trainer for birth professionals (Ireland, Poland, USA, Brazil).  In 2005 Tracy established Ireland's first doula services and continues to train birth doulas in Ireland each year.  Tracy's experience with the benefits of doula care began over 14 years ago after hiring a doula for her eldest son's birth. Tracy is a DONA certified Birth Doula trainer and the author of The Irish Better Birth Book, The Irish Cesarean and VBAC Guide and the GentleBirth program.  In 2017 Tracy was awarded Maternity Innovator of the Year at the MaMa Conference awards in Scotland for the development and launch of the GentleBirth App.

Tracy has also certified as a Lactation Educator and is a regular contributor to pregnancy/birth articles in the to the Daily Mail, Evening Herald, Irish Times, Easy Parenting and EUMom.   Tracy has appeared on TV3, RTE and has presented professional development days for staff at the Coombe and CUMH.